Dear Editor

Gary Buchanan says he is running as an independent, but Montanans should not be duped.  The Democrats have a very weak candidate (Ronning) running against Rosendale, so many prominent Democrats have shown support for Buchanan.  Regardless of Buchanan’s ability, ideology, or intentions, his candidacy is a losing proposition for Montana.

A member of the US House of Representatives is only one of 435, with almost no influence.  The single most important vote, by far, that any Representative will make is the first vote which determines which party will be in leadership, and consequently the Washington agenda.  Leadership determines the entire agenda, with the minority having very little power.  And when one Party controls the House, the Senate and the Presidency, there is little need for compromise.

The choice is simple and clear, will Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats continue to have total power (including the Presidency and Senate) or will our country return to a balance of power.  The false hope that Buchanan projects will be much better achieved, if the US House of Representatives is controlled by the Republicans.   If the Democrats continue to have total control of Washington they will continue to push an agenda that attacks Montana interests… anti-coal and oil, anti-agriculture, anti 2nd amendment, anti family values, pro inflation, and more government control of our lives.

…the average voter may not understand that by voting for Buchanan, eastern Montana will lose its influence on the single most important vote in the US House of Representatives. 

Ernie Dutton


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