Family Promise of Yellowstone Valley is expanding affordable housing options for homeless families in our community.

The community is invited to join Family Promise as they  launch the “Housing is Hope’’ Transitional Housing Expansion Campaign. This will take place on Oct. 20 at 12:30pm at the current FPYV Transitional Housing apartments located at 1427 Ave C, Billings. 

Family Promise of Yellowstone Valley (FPYV) helps homeless families achieve and sustain independence through a community response to homelessness. Billings is facing an affordable housing crisis, leaving record numbers of working families without homes. FPYV is raising the $1.2 million dollars to expand our current Transitional Housing apartments with eight more units. With this expansion, FPYV can help lift more than 400 Billings kids out of homelessness in the next five years. FPYV has silently raised $800,000 of this projected budget and are in the final stretch of fundraising to add much needed affordable housing options to families in our area.

“The Billings community has been extremely supportive of our mission of giving families, not a hand out, but a permanent hand up out of homelessness,” said Lisa Donnot, executive director of FPYV.  “With the addition of eight units, our Transitional Housing Program can provide a stable roof for more than 400 children in the next five years, ending homelessness for enough kids to entirely fill one of Billings’ elementary schools.”

FPYV is the only program of its kind in Billings. It currently operates four Transitional Housing apartments, providing one-year leases for families in need. The program has proven an amazing success; together with FPYV’s Emergency Shelter Program and intensive casework, it has led to an astonishing 90% long-term success rate for our families. Over the past eight years, more than 50 families have had the opportunity to permanently raise their children out of homelessness.

The Transitional Housing Expansion will allow FPYV to serve three times the number of families.

FPYV has proven success in purchasing, renovating, and maintaining the current Transitional Housing units. It has also paid off two prior capital campaigns with zero debt.


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