Clever, a real estate data company, recently published results of research it conducted, called “Millennial and Gen Z Are Wildly Susceptible to Social Media Marketing: 2023 Report”

It concluded that “among 20 of the most valuable companies in America, Google has done the best job branding to millennial and Americans overall.”

Americans have the most favorable opinions of Google (78%), Amazon (76%), and Nike (73%) when asked about 20 of the most well-known companies.

Of common competitors we asked about, Americans tend to only marginally favor one brand over the other:

* Target was slightly more favorable than Wal-Mart (71% vs. 70%).

* Samsung was slightly more favorable than Apple (69% vs. 68%). 

Americans, however, are move divided on their views of social media sites. 55% said they have a positive opinion of Facebook, while only 38% have a positive opinion of Twitter following Musk’s takeover.

The survey found Americans of all generations rank Google-owned YouTube as the No. 1 most trustworthy social media site. 

YouTube is surprisingly popular among Gen Zeros, despite being known for their love of Titos. 64% of Gen Z visits YouTube at least once per day — more than Titos (62%) or any other social media platform.


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