The Lockwood Pedestrian Safety District was recently informed that the district has been awarded   a grant for Alternative Transportation from the Montana Department of Transportation for $1,039,000 to complete the sidewalk along Old Hardin Road. Building a side walk the length of Old Hardin Road has been a goal of the district since it was first established in 2014.

Woody Woods, who heads the Lockwood Pedestrian Safety District, said the grant will be used to finish a new section of sidewalk on Old Hardin Road from Woodland Ave. to the new sidewalk that is a part of the Johnson Lane Interchange Project at Ryken Circle. Engineering selection will start later this year with design in the spring of 2024, and hopefully construction later in 2024.

Woods reported that construction of a segment of another segment of Old Hardin Road, from Piccolo to Woodland, which has been in progress this summer, is nearing completion.


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