The Gallatin Association of REALTORS (GAR) is released statements that the organization sent to the City of Bozeman Commissioners regarding the following two ordinances coming before them. 

 Ordinance 2149 – Short Term Rentals

 The Gallatin Association of Realtors opposes the proposed ordinance 2149 which bans Type III Short Term Rentals and increases the Type II residency requirement to 70 percent. These changes to the Short Term Rental policy are a clear violation of private property rights and are an infringement on homeownership.

 We strongly encourage enforcement of ordinance 2131 and the existing standards for Short Term Rentals. We request the Commission does not consider ANY new Short Term Rental ordinances for six months to one year in order to evaluate the full effects of 2131 on the classification types and total number of STRs.

Ordinance 2147 – Urban Camping

 Amended ordinance 2147, although a parking ordinance, is truly being established for urban camping. It puts a limit of 30 days in the same location along with not being within an area considered residential, not within 100 feet of a commercial business, not to be adjacent to or on a park, and not covering a public right of way such as a sidewalk. The civil punishment fine is $25 and only after three (3) written and documented violations.

 The Gallatin Association of Realtors does not support this ordinance, due to a lack of meaningful effect on the numerous public safety issues caused by urban camping. This new ordinance does not do enough to remedy the illegal activities at these sites or to discourage urban camping. The ordinance also lacks clarity in defined boundaries for residential and/or commercial areas. We highly encourage enforcement of current parking policies noted in the City of Bozeman Parking Municipal Code and more stringent restrictions to discourage urban camping.


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