Pepsi Cola Billings Mt/Jones Construction, Inc, 344 Howard Ave, Com Addition, $125,000

Vance Thompson Vision/Builder Construction Inc., 1747 Poly Dr, Com Addition Plan, $26,500

RPR Properties LLC/T.W. Clark Construction LLC, 704 N 30th St, Com Addition, $496,428

Hanser Capital Holdings LLC, 4410 Altay Dr, Com Footing/Foundation, $3,045,417

Matt Brosovich/Langlas & Assoc., Inc., 1417 38th St W, Com New Restaurant/Casino/Bar, $2,400,000

Aviation Properties LLC/EEC Inc, 3475 A J Way, Com New Warehouse/Storage, $1,823,961

Proffutt Limited Partnership/Jones Construction, Inc, 5221 Midland Rd, Com Remodel, $97,000

Yeley Holdings LLC, 4011 Montana Sapphire Dr, Com Remodel, $100,000

Jeremiah Doucette/Owens Construction Inc, 1225 Mullowney Ln, Com Remodel, $25,500

Ajajo LLC/Barta Custom Builders LLC, 2139 Broadwater Ave, Com Fence/Roof/Siding, $13,500   

Voegele Ventures LLC/Empire Roofing Inc, 2344 Grand Ave, Com Fence/Roof/Siding, $85,244   

Knutson, Jess Anne/Big Phish Construction, 346 Bench Blvd, Com Fence/Roof/Siding, $19,152   

Knutson, Jess Anne/Big Phish Construction, 340 Bench Blvd, Com Fence/Roof/Siding, $17,771  

Knutson, Jess Anne/Big Phish Construction, 334 Bench Blvd, Com Fence/Roof/Siding, $16,150  

Zarbock Property Management LLC/T.W. Clark Construction LLC, 501 Grand Ave, Com Fence/Roof/Siding, $1,500  

Rocky Vista University LLC/Langlas & Assoc., Inc., 4130 Monad Rd, Com New Office/Bank, $19,778,605

Austyn Spencer Enterprises, LLC/Bryant Contracting LLC, 4470 King Ave E, Com New Other, $464,395

Miller Land Co/Smooth Rock Drywall, 3000 7th Ave N, Com Remodel, $8,000

Bo Selvig/Beartooth Holding & Construction, 1686 Shiloh Rd, Com Remodel, $63,240

Prairie Tower Inc/Jares Fence Company, Inc., 725 N 25th St, Com Remodel, $3,000


Sunwest Trust Inc/Custodian ,2032 Beverly Hill Blvd, Res New Accessory Structure, $23,040

Wagenhals Enterprise Inc/Wagenhals Enterprises Inc, 1106 Daylight Ln, Res New Single Family, $272,828

WH High Sierra 50 LLC/WH High Sierra 50 LLC (Williams Homes), 805 Cherry Hills Rd, Res New Single Family, $189,110

WH High Sierra 50 LLC/WH High Sierra 50 LLC (Williams Homes), 2128 Entrada Rd, Res New Single Family, $189,110

WH High Sierra 50 LLC/WH High Sierra 50 LLC (Williams Homes), 2128 Morocco Dr, Res New Single Family,  $186,610

WH High Sierra 50 LLC/WH High Sierra 50 LLC (Williams Homes), 2111 Entrada Rd, Res New Single Family,  $186,610

WH High Sierra 50 LLC/WH High Sierra 50 LLC (Williams Homes), 2123 Entrada Rd, Res New Single Family, $186,610

WH High Sierra 50 LLC/WH High Sierra 50 LLC (Williams Homes), 2119 Entrada Rd, Res New Single Family,  $193,802

WH High Sierra 50 LLC/WH High Sierra 50 LLC (Williams Homes), 2127 Entrada Rd, Res New Single Family, $199,037

WH High Sierra 50 LLC/WH High Sierra 50 LLC (Williams Homes), 2132 Morocco Dr, Res New Single Family, $193,802

WH High Sierra 50 LLC/WH High Sierra 50 LLC (Williams Homes), 2131 Entrada Rd, Res New Single Family, $239,614

WH High Sierra 50 LLC/WH High Sierra 50 LLC (Williams Homes), 809 Cherry Hills Rd, Res New Single Family, $221,047

WH High Sierra 50 LLC/WH High Sierra 50 LLC (Williams Homes), 2207 Lindero Blvd, Res New Single Family, $239,614

WH High Sierra 50 LLC/WH High Sierra 50 LLC (Williams Homes), 2115 Entrada Rd, Res New Single Family, $239,614

Infinity Homes/Infinity Home LLC, 2007 W Thunder Mountain Rd, Res New Single Family, $289,944

CDH, LLC/CDH, LLC, 5431 Dovetail Ave, Res New Single Family, $485,166

Na/McCall Development, 6102 Johanns Meadow Ln, Res New Single Family, $303,522

Magnus Land Development LLC/6325 Beckville Ln, Res New Townhome, $0.00

Magnus Land Development LLC/6325 Beckville Ln, Res New Townhome,. $0

Trent Buscher/Trent Buscher Construction, 3157 Falcon Cir, Res New Single Family, $211,609

Buscher Development Inc/Buscher Construction Ltd, 4984 Whisper Way, Res New Single Family, $300,000

815 N 31st Street LLC/Steven Houlihan Construction LLC, 813 N 31st St, Res New Single Family, $692,075

Chamberlain Construction /Chamberlain Construction, 1357 Tania Cir, Res New Single Family, $266,584

Marjorie Davis Family Trust, 450 Cherry Hills Rd, Res New Single Family, $600,000

South Pine Design/South Pine Design, 2415 Glengarry Ln, Res New Single Family, $450,000

True North Homes, LLC, 1809 E Thunder Mountain Rd, Res New Single Family, $349,491

Diverse Construction/Diverse Construction LLC, 2048 Gleneagles Blvd, Res New Single Family $180,000

Formation Inc/Formation Inc, 4687 Sky Vista Ct, Res New Single Family, $278,421

Wagenhals Enterprises Inc/Wagenhals Enterprises Inc, 5519 Morning Star Ln, Res New Single Family, $280,000

William “Beau” Thompson/Green Jeans LLC, 1308 Emma Ave, Res New Single Family, $370,000

The Flathead Lake real estate market set a record for sales in September. $43 million in lake shore properties were sold last month. The largest sales was a 15,000 plus square foot house that listed for $21 million. The year-to-date total sales on Flathead Lake is $157.4 million, compared to $117.5 million in 2020.

Daniel Pendergraph has voiced the question: What impact might this boom in human activity have on the pristine water quality of backcountry lakes? In a new study published in Wilderness & Environmental Medicine, Pendergraph and others set out to determine if increased human visitation to the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Area led to an increase in human fecal contamination in backcountry lakes. The teams collected ssamples from 21 lakes and two snow melt streams. Human-associated bacteria were found in very low abundances in all sites tested, which means they were present but not quantifiable. Only one of the sites had a quantifiable presence of the bacteria, but the number was still relatively low.

Dan Graves, Whitefish Mountain Resort CEO plans to retire at the end of the 2021-22 ski season, according to a report from the resort. Graves helped grow and promote the resort during his 15-year tenure. The 2020-2021 season was the resort’s busiest ever, with nearly 460,000 skier visits. Nick Polumbus, the resort’s director of marketing and sales, will take over as CEO upon Graves’ retirement.

The Kalispell City Council has decided to put in place regulations that will restrict marijuana businesses to Kalispell’s industrial zones. Marijuana dispensaries, cultivation and manufacturing will be an administrative conditionally permitted use in those zones, as long as they are placed more than 300 feet from schools, parks, churches and residential zones.

The Montana Department of Environmental Quality has detected a groundwater plume containing toxic chemicals under Butte High School. The plume was first detected in 2009. The Environmental Protection Agency contracted a preliminary investigation of the site over a decade later. The 2021 report found the site posed a potential risk to human health and recommended a thorough site inspection. The chemical concentrations found in 2009 present a fairly low risk to people, as does the potential exposure pathway.

Hachi Sushi Pub is opening this winter inside the Market at Ferguson Farm in Bozeman. The restaurant will focus seasonal seafood from West Coast markets. They will offer different styles of sushi as well as fusion flavors. The restaurant and bar’s concept is heavily inspired by Japanese pubs, called izakaya, which serve drinks and a variety of small dishes and pub fare.

Tina Cusker and her husband, Brett Cusker, are opening La Cuisine, a kitchen store and culinary classroom. La Cuisine offers a variety of kitchen ware and supplies, including many Montana made products. La Cuisine plans to host weekly cooking classes in a newly renovated commercial-grade kitchen. La Cuisine, at 2405 W. Main St., is will be open 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Weekly cooking classes are planned to be held Tuesday evenings.

The bank in Fairview has been a part of the Fairfield community since 1941. Over the years the name has changed from Fairview Bank to Montana Bank of Fairview, then to First Security Bank – West and currently Merchants Bank. Merchants Bank acquired the Fairview Branch on Oct. 14, 2011 and the ten year anniversary was celebrated recently.

Oil and gas operators across the nation are preparing to announce carbon reduction goals and ESG plans. ONEOK is the most recent Bakken company to announce an ambitious ESG goal. It will reduce both Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent by 2030, as compared to 2019 levels. Scope 1 and 2 emissions include direct emissions from company-operated sources and indirect emissions from purchased power. Oasis Petroleum has released the first of what it plans to make an annual sustainability report, which outlines the company’s ESG measures. Liberty Oilfield Services ESG statement turns things around to look at energy through the lens of making human lives better.

Williams County commissioners have rejected a proposal that would have limited the number of TENORM facilities permitted in the county. The idea came up during discussion of requests by WISCO and Secure Energy Services for permission to accept up to 25,000 tons annually of TENORM wastes.

The Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks has begun a significant restructuring including the hiring of new upper management that will oversee a responsibilities from statewide site maintenance to recreation management. Hope Stockwell is the manager of the new FWP Parks and Recreation Division. The division includes Montana State Parks and maintenance of sites including state parks, fishing access sites and wildlife management areas plus all of the department’s recreation and access programs including Block Management, trail grants and recreation planning such as work on the Madison River. While sites such as fishing access sites might be funded through license sales, they often see plenty of use for non-fishing recreation.

The Little Shell Tribal Health Clinic, which is located at 425 Smelter Ave. NE in Great Falls, is set to open on Nov. 11. Indian Health Service (IHS), a federal agency that provides medical care to federally recognized tribes, is expected to run the clinic initially, but the tribe plans to assume clinic leadership within three years. The 10,000-square-foot clinic includes 12 exam and behavioral health rooms and features a pharmacy with drive-thru access. 

The latest numbers show Williston Basin Airport was about half of what it was in 2019, but triple the numbers from the same time in 2020. Over the last few months both Delta and United Airlines have returned to a pre-COVID level of service at XWA.

The American Farm Bureau Federation, along with 46 state Farm Bureaus including the Montana Farm Bureau Federation, and 280 organizations representing family-owned agribusinesses, sent a letter to congressional leaders urging them to leave important tax policies in place as they draft legislation implementing President Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda. The letter addresses four key tax provisions that make it possible for farmers and ranchers to survive and pass their businesses on to the next generation: estate taxes, stepped-up basis, 199A small business deduction and like-kind exchanges.

“The policies Congress enacts now will determine agricultural producers’ ability to secure affordable land to start or expand their operations,” the letter states. “Regardless of whether a business has already been passed down through multiple generations or is just starting out, the key to their longevity is a continued ability to transition when a family member or business partner dies. For this reason, we firmly believe the current federal estate tax code provisions must be maintained.”

These tools are as crucial as ever as the number of farmers and ranchers 65 and older outnumber those 35 and under by a four-to-one margin. More than 370 million acres are expected to change hands in the next two decades.

“As the economic backbone of nearly every county and rural community across the U.S., the importance of American agriculture and related industries cannot be overlooked,” the letter continues. “Farmers, ranchers, and family-owned agribusiness operators are responsible for producing the safe, affordable, and abundant food, fiber, and fuel supplies Americans enjoy every day. As the stewards of nearly 900 million acres of crop and rangeland, farmers and ranchers play an important role in terms of natural resource and land conservation. For agricultural producers, carrying on the legacy of our predecessors and setting the next generation up for success is critically important.”

The full letter can be found at

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