Ronda Wiggers has been announced as the new state director or the Montana Federation of  Independent Business, (NFIB) a small-business advocacy association. She will be in charge of lobbying, educational outreach and political efforts.

Wiggers will be taking up the torch for Riley Johnson who has served in that position for 38 years.

“Ronda’s lobbying experience combined with her grassroots organizing abilities made her an ideal fit for the job,” said Gary Selvy, executive director of state public policy for NFIB. “Our main educational mission for the 77 years of our existence, and all that entails, is to instruct and remind state and federal policymakers that small businesses are not smaller versions of big businesses and do not always benefit — and are more often harmed — from one-size-fits-all laws, rules, and regulations. As a small-business owner herself, Ronda fundamentally understands that, and, given her grassroots organizing abilities, can drive home the point with more emphasis.”

A native Montanan, Wiggers was raised on a farm in the heart of the state’s Golden Triangle. She attended the University of Montana, has held local elected offices, and is very active in her community.

“Since the time I first became actively involved in politics and policy,” said Wiggers, “NFIB has always had a stellar reputation in Montana, and I attribute that to the man I will be replacing. I’m honored to take the hand-off of the torch for Main Street, mom-and-pop enterprises that are the engine of every economy in the world. I’m looking forward to getting started working on small-business issues when the 2021 session of the Montana Legislature commences.”

Added Selvy, “It was with equal feelings of delight in getting someone of Ronda’s caliber to join our team and sadness in losing a great friend and mentor in Riley Johnson, who for 38 years has been the voice of small business in Montana. So much can be learned about someone in those unguarded moments, and when Riley and his fellow state directors would gather at a conference, I would always notice how they delighted in seeing him and valued his wise counsel on difficult issues they were dealing with back in their states.” 


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