When a shortage of truck drivers to deliver fuel to the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport resulted in no available carbon-based fuel there were no energy alternatives and airlines had to cancel flights. Planes were forced to land in neighboring cities and states to fill up with jet fuel.

A similar story has been reported in Billings by gas stations which have run out of gasoline because there are no truck drivers available to deliver fuel. With no alternatives to gasoline the gas stations have referred drivers to other gas stations.

Placing greater pressure on the availability of jet fuels is fire suppression efforts in the state for which aircraft has a priority for the fuel. Airlines are responsible for acquiring their own fuel and supplies come from petroleum production in Great Falls, Billings, Utah, and Wyoming. 

Also, placing pressure on gasoline for vehicles is a booming tourism business which is seeing a 40 percent increase over 2019 visitations.

There were no alternatives to fossil fuels last weekend when airlines at Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport had to cancel flights due to a shortage of jet fuel.

Multiple flights out of the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport were delayed, rescheduled, and canceled due to a fuel shortage. 

Over the weekend, planes were forced to land in neighboring cities and states to fill up their fuel tanks. 

Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport Director Brian Sprenger said there is a combination of events that have resulted in the scarce fuel supply. 

“Some of it is the lack of available trucking drivers to haul fuel across the state, limited fuel supply from the projections that were earlier expected and then now we are battling fire suppression season where we have aircrafts that have priority for fuel as well,” Sprenger said. 

Montana’s fuel supply comes from Great Falls, Billings, Utah, and Wyoming and each airline is responsible for their own fuel. 

Sprenger said this summer’s travel is 40% over 2019 numbers for both inbound and outbound passengers. 

For community members flying this summer, it is important to show up early and check your airline website for updates and flight statuses. 


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