The City Annexation Committee is preparing for its annual review of the City’s Annexation Policy and Limits of Annexation Map. This process occurs annually in coordination with the City’s review of its Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The Annexation Map and Policy review process this year will run from November 2021 through approximately April 2022.

More information on the latest CIP schedule will soon be available at https:// /2662/ Capital- Improvement-Plan-CIP.

The Annexation Committee includes representation from City Administration, Fire, Police, Parks, Planning, Airport and Transit. The Committee makes recommendations to the City Council on amendments to the City’s Limits of Annexation Map, which may be viewed on-line along with the Annexation Policy. The Map was last amended in August 2021 by the City Council.

The Committee reviews requests from property owners to amend the City’s Limits of Annexation Map.

 The deadline for map amendment requests from property owners is November 19, 2021. There is a fee of $817.00 associated with Map Amendment Requests


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