The Bureau of Land Management has announced the correction of what it sees as having been an error of President Trump’s administration, according to the Center for Western Priorities. The agency is returning  to its Washington, DC headquarters.

BLM Director Tracy Stone-Manning will be based in Washington, along with the agency’s deputy directors and other leadership. Additionally, the agency will fill approximately 30 vacant positions in Washington, while establishing a Western headquarters in Grand Junction, Colorado.

The Center for Western Priorities’ Executive Director Jennifer Rokala stated: “Today’s announcement marks the end of an error. I’m encouraged to see the Bureau of Land Management moving so quickly to reverse the damage caused by the Trump administration and anti-public lands extremist William Perry Pendley. Our nation’s public lands need strong leadership at the table in Washington, so there’s not a minute to waste rebuilding the Bureau of Land Management at Interior headquarters. 

“America’s public lands are at the center of the fight to slow climate change and the biodiversity crisis. Protecting our lands for future generations will take a concerted and coordinated effort across the entire government, which is why the Bureau of Land Management’s leadership must be located in our nation’s capital.”


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