Are you ready to accelerate your company’s journey towards Operational Excellence? Do you have high potential employees motivated to learn and prepare for Lean certification?

The Montana Manufacturing Extension Center has just added a new session of its Operational Excellence course, which has been updated to reflect the latest core material and test requirements for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Bronze Certificate.  The 6-week, in-person course will be offered at MMEC’s main offices in Bozeman, from March 28 to May 10.  It will combine interactive activities, real-world problem solving, and classroom instruction, offering participants solid preparation for certification testing as well as proven strategies that can be immediately applied at work. Participants will:

* Learn essential elements of Lean, Theory of Constraints, and Six Sigma

* Gain professional mentoring and earn professional credentials

* Become engaged leaders in improving company performance

As a manufacturer, your company can benefit from the return on investment from the projects implemented by employees trained in OpEx tools, and expand your efforts toward company-wide, transformational change. For details contact MMEC Business Advisor and OpEx Instructor Alistair Stewart at Alistair. stewart@


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