Following extensive bargaining, Governor Greg Gianforte and public employee unions have reached an agreement for the state pay plan. Covering the 2024-2025 biennium, the agreement includes wage increases, health benefit cost freezes, one-time payments, and other far-reaching contractual changes.

The agreement includes a $1.50 per hour or 4% raise—whichever is greater—on July 1 each year of the upcoming biennium. Single members’ out-of-pocket health benefit contributions, copay amounts, deductibles, and co-insurance costs will not increase through 2025. Additionally, one-time payments prorated to a 40-hour work week and worth up to $1,040 will be provided to every employee. The agreement also provides increased meal per diems and the addition of an annual flexible holiday which will replace every other year’s Election Day holiday.

Unions representing public employees bargain a state pay plan with the governor prior to every legislative session. The bargained pay plan must then be approved by the legislature.


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