“The pandemic has changed Montana: more people, different people, more expensive housing. In economics jargon, demand for Montana increased,” proclaims the Bureau of Business and Economic Research, (BBER), in explaining the issues that will be discussed at the 2023 Montana Economic Seminar in Billings on January 31.  Director of the BBER, located at the University of Montana, Dr. Patrick Barkey, says that the forces driving this change are likely to persist.  “As such, Montanans must grapple with our response — particularly, how much to increase supply to meet demand.”

The way Montanans act to increase supply affects how increased demand manifests itself in Montana. Neither more people nor higher prices are strictly good or bad. Each option comes with different tradeoffs.

The half-day seminar will be held in eight other Montana cities. In Billings it will be held at the Northern Hotel, 8 am to 1 pm. Registration is required at the BBER website.

Bryce Ward, founder of ABMJ Consulting, a firm that provides economic analysis, strategic advice, conflict resolution, etc., will be a speaker at the event. He has a PhD in economics from Harvard University and BAs in economics and history from the University of Oregon. He has expertise in urban and regional economics, labor economics, health economics, public finance, social economics, real estate economics, environmental and natural resource economics, and statistics/econometrics.


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