Historically known for being technologically challenged, America is seeing an unprecedented surge in tech adoption among seniors in 2023. This includes wearable devices to monitor vital signs, smart home technology to make aging in place easier, and computer literacy for online banking, shopping, and video calls with grandchildren. Despite these advances, seniors in certain states are further ahead than others.

Seniorly released a study on the States with the Most Tech-Savvy Seniors using the latest data from the Census Bureau, Bureau of Economic Analysis, and the Department of Health & Human Services.

Key findings in Montana show 10.0% of seniors do not own a computer, 83.3% have an Internet subscription, 17.7% work remotely, 25% use telehealth, and an average of $453 is spent annually on technology.

The five most tech-savvy places are D.C., California, Utah, Arizona, Washington. The five least tech-savvy are West Virginia, Mississippi, North Dakota, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

Nationally, a record percentage of seniors are texting (82%), using smart phones (65%), shopping (63%), banking (62%), using wearable technology (11%), taking classes (9%), and working remotely (9%).


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