Sub Zero Ice Cream that customers have enjoyed in Rimrock Mall has become the Billings Sub Zero Ice Cream trailer, which has launched the beginning of summer.

The story of the Billings Sub Zero ice cream trailer began in 2019 when Lisa Norby found the listing for a Sub Zero location in Oregon. She really enjoyed Sub Zero’s healthier ice cream, as the flavors are not made with high-fructose corn syrup, and she felt that the flavor profiles were more pronounced. She knew what she enjoyed about it, and wanted to share that enjoyment with the others in her community.

“To me, it’s a healthier ice cream,” Norby stated, “ I believe in the concept, I believe in the ice cream, and I am very passionate about it!”

The flexibility of the trailer is a welcome asset, as it allows the ability to serve the community and surrounding areas with its mobility. The ice cream trailer can be booked for special events, fundraisers, etc. at most locations, even as far out as 50 miles from the core base of operation.

For more information on the ice cream trailer’s location visit and follow the Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream – Billings, Facebook page.

The first Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream shop opened in 2005, after founders Jerry and Naomi Hancock discovered liquid nitrogen is a safe, unique and cost-effective method for creating delicious, customizable ice cream products. Using his background in chemistry, Jerry patented his process of freezing ice cream using liquid nitrogen, and in 2008 began franchising. Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream was named Forbes’ “10 Best Franchises to Buy. Sub Zero currently has more than 30 franchise locations.


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