Joining the Montana Chamber of Commerce, Governor Greg Gianforte highlighted recent investments to improve Montana’s business climate at the Big Sky, Bright Futures Economic Summit in Bozeman.

“With record business creation and more Montanans working now than ever before, it’s clear Montana’s economy is on the move,” Gov. Gianforte said. “Thanks to our pro-business, pro-jobs policies we’re welcoming investment across all industries. We’ll continue to cut red tape and make Montana an even better place to do business and create new opportunities for Montanans.”

Talking with Montana Chamber President and CEO Todd O’Hair, the governor outlined his priorities to continue lowering taxes, reducing red tape, attracting new businesses, building the workforce, and addressing Montana’s housing shortage.

Last spring, the governor was proud to deliver the largest tax cut in state history, providing income tax cuts for Montanans at every level, as well as immediate and long-term property tax relief.

Since taking office, Gov. Gianforte has prioritized investments to develop a highly-skilled, highly-qualified workforce. In 2023, the governor nearly doubled the Montana Trades Education Credit, offering employers credit for employee education and training and expanded work-based learning opportunities for Montana students.

In addition, the governor has reformed the state’s tax code to promote business investment and job creation, attracting businesses from around the world to Montana.

And to meet the growing demand for housing, the governor last October reconvened his Housing Task Force following a historic legislative session for pro-housing reforms that some have dubbed the “Montana Miracle.”

“This is a pivotal moment for business in Montana,” said O’Hair. “Companies are increasingly drawn to the unique opportunities Montana offers, making our state a prime destination for growth. To sustain this momentum, we must address key challenges like housing and childcare.”

Gov. Gianforte talking with BHE Montana President Nancy Murray at the Big Sky, Bright Futures Economic Summit in Bozeman

Wrapping up the afternoon, the governor also highlighted his focus on Montana’s all-of-the-above energy policy in a fireside chat with BHE Montana President Nancy Murray.

As a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Energy, BHE Montana earlier in the day announced their latest investment in two new renewable energy projects in Montana.

The first, a 100-megawatt solar project on 1,000 acres of land in north central Montana. The installation of 200,000 solar panels is expected to add 100 megawatts to the grid by 2026. And the other, a 75-megawatt battery in Ethridge to store energy from BHE Montana’s wind and solar generation assets by 2025.

“We are incredibly excited to build upon the significant investments we’ve already made to further develop energy resources in Montana,” Murray said. “These new projects reflect our commitment to grow our business in Montana and support the growth of local businesses and communities that rely on a clean and resilient energy grid.”

Gov. Gianforte added, “Montana continues to be on the cutting edge of innovation, including in our energy sector. We will continue to embrace our all-of-the-above policy to address energy affordability and grid reliability and gladly welcome this investment from BHE Montana.”

Creating the best environment for business and more opportunities for Montanans is a top priority of the Gianforte administration.


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